Welcome Alison and Brad

Posted by Sharon Commerford on 14th Jan 2022

It’s been a crazy 11 years for Embroidery On Demand and we’ve been lucky enough to have some wonderful customers come our way. You’ve helped us grow more than we ever thought possible and kept us entertained along the way. Thank you all for that. But the time has come that we want to take a step back and try our hand at semi-retirement. However, we are not leaving you all without an embroiderer! Embroidery On Demand will continue to be available at 1118 Coronita Way in Fenton, Missouri. Yes, the couple that replaced us at that address are the new owners of Embroidery On Demand.

Alison and Brad will be taking over the business. Alison has been doing embroidery for quite some time and I am sure she will be able to help you achieve your vision. Alison and Brad do embroidery, vinyl and sublimation. And for any company that we were doing embroidery…don’t worry Alison will have your embroidery file for your logo.

Jim and I will be relocating to Florida later this spring. We will still be doing some embroidery, rhinestones and sublimation but on a much smaller scale. Most of our embroidery will be on the stuffed animals which will be on our Etsy page. And all you dancers that want rhinestones probably already have my phone number in your phone so just give me a call.

I hope you all are as welcoming to Alison and Brad as you have been for me and Jim. Thanks for being such wonderful customers.

….now, which way to the beach?