Lots of fun new items for personalized holiday gifts

Lots of fun new items for personalized holiday gifts

Posted by Sharon on 29th Oct 2019

Well Halloween is in 2 days so that means the holiday gift season is about to kick off. It seems like it gets earlier each year. However, it can make for a much more relaxing holiday season if you have your gifts already figured out or ordered. That's where we can help. We have new items for the newly born all the way up to great grandma. 

Some of our cutest new items are great personalized stuffed animals for children under the age of 6. Although I know lots of older 'kids' that like stuffed animals too! And we have had orders for stuffed animals for asking someone to prom, marriage proposals, pregnancy announcements, anniversary gift and lots of other occasions. 

Some of our newest animals are sloths, llamas and snow owls (for the little wizards). There are new lovies (a.k.a. blankies or security blankets) and a new addition to the sports pillows is about to make it's debut. We now have a hockey puck! We have been so busy stitching them that I have not gotten them on the website yet. But it will be there very, very soon.

We have new wine cups, bottles, notebooks and lots more. Check the miscellaneous section of our website for these items. I am adding more new items in the next few days so keep checking back. 

Oh and if you want a personalized flip sequin backpack or notebook please order early. Last year we ran out so not everyone got one that wanted it. 

Well back to work on your orders...