Personalized Pet Collar

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Personalized Pet Collar


Our brand new polyester pet collars can be embroidered with your pet's name and yours phone number for a practical and customizable accessory for pet owners. 


Our collars are made from durable and lightweight polyester, which is comfortable for pets to wear and resistant to wear and tear.  Our customizable embroidery allows you to choose the font, color and style for embroidery, making your collar unique.  Each collar has a quick-release buckle to ensure your pet's safety in case the collar gets caught on something.  Our collars are offered in a variety of sizes and colors to suit your pet's (or your) taste!  Polyester collars are also easy to clean and maintain, even when your pet is the dirtiest they've ever been.  The embroidery is of the highest quality and is securely stitched to prevent it from unraveling over time.  Our thread colors also do not bleed, so there's no worry that the color won't stay vibrant and readable. 


Small collar measures 7"-14"

Medium collar measures 14"-20"

Large collar measures 14"-24"